The Rebirth Club

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January 25, 2023 – February 01, 2023





The Rebirth club is a collection of 5k pfps and 5k full body 3D randomly generated NFTs. Users will mint the first 5k NFTs and will be rewarded with the respective 5k full bodies at a later date after mint completion.

The Rebirth club is an ecosystem built around adding intrinsic utility to NFT projects and communities. Our mission of building our portal ahead of the release of our 3D NFT collection allowed us to reward our oldest (OG) community members and partner up with a number of projects!

Users are able to start accumulating our $UTIL token by holding specific NFTs in their wallet. The portal's versatility allows us to add new projects to the yield and have the ability to reward new communities. Users can redeem their auto yielded $UTIL tokens by minting The Rebirth Club 3D NFTs and other future assets on our marketplace.

The $UTIL coin has no intrinsic value and is used primarily as a utility token to redeem NFTs on our marketplace. Users are able to buy and sell assets on our marketplace using $ETH or $UTIL.

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