The Rage Borne

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February 20, 2022 – February 27, 2022





Biggest NFT Giveaway Ever!!


996 Lucky Winners will receive 1 Free Averett's NFT each!


2500 exact 3D copies of Averett's NFT free to initial minting wallets


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Do you want to feel or be part of a real experience in the Medieval era? Fight, dine, dress, and live like a Royal?

Then you are welcome to The Rage Borne, an emerging community that is bringing Metaverse to life. The Rage Borne community, a concept developed in November 2021, is aimed at bringing the Metaverse to life through the launch of the NFT project — Averett. Averett's NFT is a 2-D copy of the Rage Borne in-game character,  a Metaverse royal bastard in the land of Lancia that is relentless in avenging his father and rising against the corrupt royals of Lancia to take what is rightfully his and free the people of Lancia. Averett is bringing Metaverse back to life and you should be part of that quest.

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