World Of The Jumpoff

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February 20, 2022 – February 27, 2022





The Jump-Off

The year is 2022, and a silent race is underway. The Mega Corporations has begun a stealthy campaign to initiate the "Great Transition", a movement in which humans will choose a digital life over a mere physical existence. The balance of control (which must be handled delicately) is slowly slipping from the hands of the Antiquated Ones. Greed and corruption has fueled their demise.

In the "Surface World", the populace drudgedly carries on a meaningless existence. Desperation permeates the air. Political rhetoric has spilled into the increasingly suspicious minds of the people. Identity politics is leading to tribal warfare. It has been found that freedom isn't free, and there has been uprisings and dissent between the independent labor forces and the power dynamics of the overlord elites.

In the Mid-World, the domain of the "Observers", those who understand the the inner workings of the "Infernal Machines", of which the "Perpetual Motion Machine" is its most deadly spawn. The inhabitants of this space observe the "Cancer Houses" (that are allowed to operate by the overlords), which provides the "Quack Doctors" with an unlimited supply of patients- who find themselves constantly fighting the symptoms of the "Toxin of Fatigue."

In the confusion, the "Black Swans" pedal narratives that benefit the few, while actually creating the problems that they wish for others to fear. They pollute the minds and the atmosphere in an attempt to eliminate free thought and free will.

In the the VR World of the Jump-Off, several groups of individuals began to form in an attempt to educate themselves about the things that occurs in the "Surface World." These individuals gathered together from many sectors of the Earth World, in an attempt to create a decentralized civilization, consisting of self-sufficient ecosystems and environment, with the basic tenant being true liberty, freedom, expression, and self-determinism.

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