The Pixel Puppers Project

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October 25, 2021 – November 03, 2021





10k unique, non-repeating Pixel Puppers looking to be adopted on the Ethereum blockchain!

Pixel Puppers main goal is to support our favorite four-legged friends! At bare minimum, 20% of all sales will be used for donations to local rescue and support groups, veterinary centers-in-need, and foster-care providers both nationally and globally. If you have a suggestion on where some of the donations funds should go, tweet it out @pixelpupperoos and, upon verifying, we may send funds out that way!


When Pixel Puppers launches, all the Puppers will be hidden for a 10 day period. All the Puppers have been manually shuffled and randomized throughout the 10,000 run, so there will be no knowing what you have until the reveal!
FYI: There are rares, super-rares, and ultra-rares scattered throughout, so they are not loaded towards the front, middle or end.
Minting is limited to a maximum of 10 Pixel Pupper NFTs at a time.

"10x by 250" Give Back:

For each 250 Pixel Puppers minted, the holder of each 250 increment will receive 10x the minting price back into their wallet. This means #250, #500, #750, #1000 and so on will get a 0.3 ETH drop.
A special 20x minting price (0.6 ETH) give back will go to the holder of #10,000.


After 10 days, we will reveal all the NFT's This can only be done one time: once they are revealed, they will never by the contract again.

Sweeping The Floor:

When all 10,000 Pixel Puppers are adopted, we will withdraw the royalties collected up until that point and use it to sweep the floor. This is to clear as many of the lowest valued Pixel Puppers as we can, thus increasing the value of all the other Pixel Pupper NFT's. 20 days after the initial floor sweep, will do this a second time. This process will only be done twice.
We may also burn unsold Pixel Puppers after a certain time, but that decision is situational and still to be determined.
Continued Utility:

Once all the Pixel Puppers are adopted and the floor has been swept twice, there will be a monthly royalty drawing once per month, for 12 months. After 12 months, there will be no more drawings and the majority of the royalties will be used for animal support charity.
Each month, we will randomly select a number between 1 and 10k, and that holder will recieve 50% of the royalties for that month. Any Pixel Puppers owned by us will automatically be removed from the running, so any taken off the table by us during the floor sweeps will be ineligible.


There are a total of 9 different Puppers, each with a different population size. They have rarity traits specific to their breed, as well as rarity traits that encompass all of the Pixel Puppers. There are over 200 individual layers within this project.

Check out website for more info!

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