Yelling Yetis World Premiere

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October 14, 2021 – October 14, 2021





If crypto is to NFT then cryptozoology is to what? Yelling Yetis!

What was once a 3 a.m. random thought, now turned digital. One would think a large bipedal hominoid just meandering around would be easy to spot. But we all know yetis are notoriously difficult to find. Mountains, caves, valleys, forests, swamps, and more. There sure are lots of hiding places. And even more questions too. Are there hybrids? Are Yetis from outer space? Do yetis wear jewelry? Do yetis really exist? The world may never know. But Yelling Yetis exist!

Checkout the collection. Grab a few. Show your friends you have a picture of a yeti, a Yelling Yeti that is.

This collection is comprised of 1000 yetis & hypothetical yeti hybrids. Yeti hybrids you ask? Yes, Zombie Yetis, Swamp Yetis, Ghost Yetis, Witch Yetis, and Alien Yetis too. Cryptids and folklore...hmmm an interesting combination.

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