The Next 100 Years of Gucci NFT Artworks

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June 23, 2022 – July 29, 2022




The luxury fashion house Gucci keeps delving into the web3, becoming one of the most innovative brands in the NFT realm. The most recent non-fungible endeavor dubbed the Vault Art Space comes as a result of an exclusive collaboration with SuperRare. The new online gallery is devoted to curated NFTs by the pioneers in the world of digital art.

Thus, Gucci and SuperRare have already launched the NFT art marketplace with the inaugural exhibition titled The Next 100 Years of Gucci. The exhibits are featuring select NFTs by 29 chosen artists that transform the codes of Gucci’s history and present into symbols of the brand’s future.

Alanna Vanacore, Alex Trochut, Alien Queen, Aliendope, Antoni Tudisco, Drew Young, eBoy, Kris Andrew Small, and many other bright representatives of the world of digital art are standing behind the exhibition.

From multidimensional flora prints to GG-monogrammed platform boot NFTs, the artworks send the viewers on a journey through the fashion house's history. What's more, all the exhibits will be available to purchase on the Vault's website.

The exhibition is divided into three drops that are taking place from June 23rd to July 1st, July 7th to July 15th, and July 21st to July 29th, 2022. All NFT artworks will be put up for auction, with the first batch available right away. Gucci Glitch Frame by Alanna Vanacore, GG Metal Boot by Aliina Kauranne, FLORA II — Gocce di Fiori by anchenillustration, Flora by Sasha Katz, Take Time to Smell The Flowers by Antoni Tudisco, Early June by Darta Katrina, and FUTURE HERITAGE 1 by Kris Andrew Small are currently waiting for your bids.

Choose from a variety of The Next 100 Years of Gucci artsy exhibits and place your bid to own a piece of the fashion house's history! All the bids are accepted in Ethereum!

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