Peruvian Dog Club

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July 02, 2022 – July 09, 2022





Peruvian dog club

Origin: peru

Founder: richard vilchez

Optimized contract (peruvian) 

Peruvian dog club is a latin nfts project that seeks to educate children and young people, between 7 and 17 years old, in financial education, cryptocurrencies and nfts. We know that financial education, especially that which includes cryptocurrencies, is not received in traditional schools, even less in rural schools. We are facing an undeniable reality of the crypto system and it is necessary to educate the new generation about the current economic notions to help them in their transition to adulthood.

- referral system: we have designed an optimized smart contract (peruvian) with a referral system in which those people who support us in sharing the project through a personalized referrer url, will be able to receive 1 or 10% of the nft price in the "Mint" stage directly to their wallet. In addition, referrer holders will be able to participate in the project's royalties from the secondary market.

- membership to financial education programs for children and young people from 7 to 17 years of age: in cooperation with our partners fundación augusto sánchez and id capital, five educational programs will be provided, each nft is a membership to access the different programs that vary according to the rarity of your nft. The programs and their access according to the rarity of the nft are the following:

Common : "Crypto child, rich child" workshop, duration 1 month.

Uncommon : workshop "Crypto child, rich child" + "Wise father, rich son" 

Rare : "Crypto child, rich child" workshop, duration 3 months 

Epic: workshop "Crypto child, rich child", duration 6 months.

Legendary: workshop "Wise child, rich young man", duration 12 months.

*classes of 4 sessions per month.

- social initiative (5% of mint proceeds and royalties): donation to asociación ayni education, dedicated to virtual education through workshops and educational programs for low-income children. Donations of books and school supplies will be made to schools in rural areas and shelters for low-income children. All donations will be registered through photos and videos through our social networks and the expenses will be supported before the community of holders. 

- holder benefits: participate in 10% of the referral system in the mint stage; participate in the different financial education programs; participate in 10% of royalties as a referral holder; discounts in merchandice; benefits in the next stage of the project and much more.


Supply: 3333 nfts

Precio: 0.015 eth

Mint date: 29 de junio

Linktree: www.Linktr.Ee/peruviandogclub

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