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Gucci is a renowned Italian fashion house founded in 1921. This is more than just a luxury brand but an icon in a fashion realm that sets standards, drives innovation, and makes the world a more stunning place. 

Gucci always keeps up with the continually evolving world to offer the newest products to its global audience. When NFTs started gaining pace, Gucci was among the first fashion brands to explore the non-fungible world and find ways to implement the newest technology. The most renowned NFT initiatives of Gucci are the 10KTF Gucci Grail NFT project, the Gucci Vault metaverse hub, the KodaPendant made in collaboration with Yuga Labs, SuperGucci NFT Collection by Gucci and Superplastic, and others. 

All NFT projects by Gucci demonstrate the brand’s innovative spirit and passion to test, adapt, and implement new technologies. The fashion house continues to bring its rich heritage to the digital world, thus blurring the boundaries and creating captivating experiences for its global community!

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