Sweet Snails

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February 16, 2022 – February 23, 2022





Sweet Snails is a fun and creative collection of 4444 snails with unique traits and ultra-rare combinations. They feature shells based on everyday items such as Fruits, Planets, Coins, and more. Minted on the Polygon network to reduce gas fees. 

Snails were once considered a symbol of joy and rebirth; they have fascinated people for ages and are found everywhere on earth, so why not on the internet as well. Sweet Snails is a collection of NFT’s with unique shell designs made by one person from a small town in Canada. 

Inspired by snails found throughout the garden, they have been designed and programmatically generated to make each snail unique with different traits and rarities. There are multiple body styles and backgrounds with fun creative shells to collect based on everyday objects. 

Minted using ERC-721 on the Polygon Network 

Hosted on IPFS

The contract is verified on Polygonscan​

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