Crypto Weed Dudes

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February 12, 2022 – February 19, 2022





An ongoing NFT collection of 420 randomly generated handmade stoner avatars with the mission to legalize Cannabis globally.

Each of these avatars represents a unique type of Cannabis enthusiast. And It's a membership card for our Club, too.

Each of this Dudes is created from a different genetic (or race) like: White Widow, Cheeta Cheese or OG Kush. Each of them is combined with a different set of traits that represents the effects, flavour and strenght of the Dude. 

1st drop was released January 02 and it sold out in a month.

Once the 420 Dudes have been revealed the Online and IRL events will start to happen. One of the first will be the Crypto Weed Dudes Cup, where the holders will be able to compite using their favourites Dudes.

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