7 Sins: Envy is Good

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March 11, 2023 – March 18, 2023





The Seven Sins (7 Sins) NFT Collection

Wise-Dome has curated a Wise-Dome Seven Sins (7 Sins) NFT Collection to reflect hidden truths in our lives.

The Limited Edition Wise-Dome Seven Sins (7 Sins) NFTs are available in both the Premium and Deluxe versions. All Editions of the Wise-Dome Seven Sins (7 Sins) NFT Collections are strictly limited to 100 only, with some Prime Editions reserved exclusively for Special Acquisition.

The various Seven Sins (7 Sins) NFTs that Wise-Dome has curated can be found at:


The Wise-Dome

"Wise-Dome" is chosen as our Organization Name as we wish to reflect on the Ancient of Days to truly gain Wisdom. We also use Wise-Dome to mean a Dome where we can gather to collectively meditate on life to gain an inner and deeper understanding of our existence, and also for us to share with anyone who chooses to visit our Wise-Dome, the reflections and perspectives we have been blessed with.

Life Journeys is a collection of various Reflections that have been imparted to us through our personal journeys in life, carved into Limited Edition Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Each Limited Edition NFT explains the Reflections in some detail so as to allow the Beholder to meditate on the Reflections the NFT exudes.

Life Stories will evolve to include our reflections and some "Life Hacks" that we have been blessed with, so others can benefit from our experiences.

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