Project Advent

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August 03, 2022 – August 10, 2022





Internal NFT collection of 6666 Devils varying in looks and rarity. You will be able to immerse yourself into the exciting story of our protagonist and trace the history of his formation and metamorphosis over 4 drops. Stay with us to plunge into the city icy spirit of the Hellverse

Advent aims to captivate your imagination and draw out your inner demons as we release a collection of bespoke generative NFTs. We are creating an experience that will allow you to fully immerse yourself into our world and enjoy all the bene ts which apply to each and every holder.

We are not just another NFT project, we are pioneering a way of life for us all where exclusivity separates us from the rest. Our project is rich in opportunity and cascades you through all seven deadly sins through top tier art and creativity. How will you deal with the reality of the struggle as you try to relate to each and every version of Abaddon as his epic journey develops?

Advent is not just another NFT project, it is the result of years of careful study and analysis of what makes a very successful blockchain project. Advent aims to carry on with the triumphant digital industry while keeping it safe and secure. Having a mission to change the way new investors view crypto, we pride ourselves on transparency, professionalism, and dedication to make this happen. Driven by data, and informed by insight, we seek to bring innovation into everything we do.

First of all, our roadmap is already entirely funded. Regardless of the outcome of the mint, we will deliver our promises without compromise.

There are 4 main drops. Holders will receive an extra 2 airdrops.

We will be buying NFTs to raffle back to our holders. This will happen weekly and go on for many months. If you have any suggestions on which NFT's we should buy, suggest them.

We are inviting some of our holders to our big Dubai live party with celebs.

A new years gift for the most dedicated holders.

We are building an Unreal Engine 5 Game with P2E mechanics for you all!

Real tokenomics and staking of your NFTs.

Don't miss the next NFT drops

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