Pepenardo - A tribute to Pepe

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October 02, 2023 – October 09, 2023





On the occasion of the “Pepe Fest” in Paris, a groundbreaking event organized by Rare Pepes, Fake Rares and Scarce.City, and dedicated to the iconic character Pepe and its profound influence on art, blockchain technology, memes, digital assets, and the unfettered expression of creativity,

The NFT Magazine is proud to present its ninth issue as a tribute to Pepe, with the celebratory cover "Orangeuprise" by artist Pepenardo.

This issue is curated by Eleonora Brizi, who we already know as the curator of the book "CryptoART Begins", fan and connoisseur of Pepe, author of the Rarest Book, and part of the team of the Paris Festival.

Discover everything about the festival, the history of Rare Pepes, Fake Rares and much more: embrace the green myth.

The Artist: Pepenardo
Xnardo, also known as Pepenardo or Nardo, is a pseudonymous artist and creative director who seamlessly bridges the worlds of traditional and digital art. With over 12 years of experience in the traditional art sphere, including roles as a studio assistant and manager for prominent contemporary artists in Chicago and New York, Xnardo's background reads like a modern-day Renaissance apprenticeship. A pivotal moment in Xnardo's artistic evolution occurred when he encountered Cryptoart through the underground collective known as the Fake Rares. This revelation led to a profound shift in his creative direction. Xnardorefocused his artistry on capturing the essence of Bitcoin blockchain-based art, venturing into the intersection of digital art, blockchain technology, and the ever-evolving realm of online creativity. Xnardo's work embodies the renaissance humanist ideal and challenges the boundaries of artistic expression in the digital age. His pseudonymous identity grants him the freedom to innovate, resulting in a captivating fusion of tradition and contemporary artistry. Explore the convergence of art and technology through the lens of Xnardo, a true pioneer in the ever-evolving world of contemporary art.

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