Pawlar Bears

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December 13, 2021 – December 19, 2021





Pawlar Bears NFT is an NFT that aims to support our friends to the North with a share of the sales. On our Twitter, we post Polar Bear facts, so that our supporters can learn more about our Arctic friends. 

The Pawlar Bears are algorithmically generated and this means you get a totally unique Polar Bear compared to others. All we ask is that you love and take care of your Pawlar Bear. 

Use your Pawlar Bear as a cute and unique profile picture, for print-out art at home, or get inspired to give it more unique attributes. 

Join us on our Twitter, Instagram, or Discord to share your words about how Polar Bears are special to you and perhaps to share some amazing Polar Bear art you've done. 

We launch on the 20th of December 2021.

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