Corrupt Cupid Society

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November 19, 2021 – November 26, 2021






According to our Earth's history, Cupid derived from mythology. However across the expansive multiverse, the divine Cupid did exist. The Corrupt Cupid Society were revered and worshipped like any God or Goddess here on this Earth.

On their home planet in another universe, The Corrupt Cupid Society home planet was obliterated and blood was shed leaving a wasteland behind. Now Cupids have found their way to Earth to create their own mythology, and they rely on you to find them and give them new homes. So they can prosper and live on.

What happened to these Cupids? How did they escape? All will be revealed soon...

The fastest growing NFT around

Laser eyes, a toaster in the head or black wings and a ray gun - these are just some of the unique pairings you’ll find. Be the envy of the Cardano and Cupid Community with your coolest one of a kind NFTs.

Use the rarity chart to discover how rare your Cupid is, and bask in the glory of your fallen angel. One of the most exciting designs in the NFT world could be yours!

Corrupt Cupid Society brought to you by a couple of cool mortals

With the power of blockchain technology we’re making it possible for you to collect all kinds of totally unique Cupids for your own digital world.

Our policy ID is 870e6d64f59d098a61933b5067227bb7e07c04bd1128c76b959855d5.

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