Official Numa Numa and Honey Badger NFT Drop

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June 03, 2021 – June 05, 2021





On June 2nd, at 12 pm EST, the creator-backed NFTs for the “Numa Numa” viral video (by Gary Brolsma), and the “Honey Badger Don’t Care” video (by Christopher Gordon) were put on auction for 72 hours under the NetGems account on OpenSea. We believe that this coordinated drop, representing more than 1 billion total views, is the largest viral video NFT drop to date! These NFTs will be live until 12 pm EST on Saturday, June 5.

The details:

Each NFT started at 3 ETH (~$8,000) for its opening bid.
All NFTs are video-verified by their creators and certified as “1 of 1” copies, never to be minted again.

Each NFT is part of a bundle that contains extras:

Numa Numa: a personalized video and dance performance from Gary.

Honey Badger Don’t Care: the “Honey Badger Don’t Care” trademark, a personalized video narration by Christopher, and a personalized outgoing answering machine message.

After each NFT sells, the buyer will have the option to permanently remove the original video from the internet (note: the original Numa Numa video has already been taken down)

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