NFT4thePlanet by Helga Stentzel

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June 05, 2021 – June 06, 2021




Dedicated to World Environment Day, renowned artist Helga Stentzel known for Household Surrealism style has launched the initiative titled ‘NFT4thePlanet’.

On June 5th, the open drop with the participation of various artists takes place to make a substantial direct positive contribution to the planet.

This initiative is going to prove that NFTs can be positive for the planet when creators donate from their sales for environmental causes.

The proceeds from this drop will be donated to Trees for the Future.

This is the organization which Helga has been collaborating with. Some time ago, the artist was looking for a way to engage in NFT in an environmentally positive way, and then she discovered Trees for the Future.

Being an artist, you can join the initiative, mint a new or use an existing artwork to drop, and make a partial or full donation. If you are a collector, it’s a chance to collect great art, thus supporting the environment.

“While there is a lot of controversy around the environmental impact of NFTs – we think that we can make a substantial direct positive contribution” – the organizers of NFT4thePlanet say.

Mark your calendars for June 5th and do not miss joining the drop!

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