Non-Fungible Testicles

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April 26, 2022 – May 03, 2022





Non‑Fungible Testicles are the first NFTs to reward you for regularly checking your balls — just like you should do IRL.

Testicular cancer is treatable and highly curable when caught early, but most guys don’t know how to check themselves. It’s actually easy — getting familiar with your testicles on a regular basis will help you know what’s normal, then act if anything changes.

This collab with iconic streetwear designer MISHKA NYC and Movember gets you in that habit of checking. Each time you do, it unlocks a surprise bonus trait, but ignore your balls and traits may drop.

The collection features 8,000 unique NFTs, and proceeds help support Movember’s work in men’s health and testicular cancer research.

This is not just another NFT. It’s the first NFT that can save a life.

How to Play:

Purchase your Non-Fungible Testicles to get in the game.

Check in on your Non-Fungible Testicles to unlock rare traits.

If you don’t check on your Non‑Fungible Testicles each month, you’ll lose a trait.

Regular checks unlock bonus traits. Keep up the routine, keep getting rewarded.

Lock in your custom artwork – and a healthy habit for life.

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