Non-Fungible Films Membership Pass

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April 25, 2022 – May 02, 2022





The Non-Fungible Films will be the all-access token for everything within the NFF ecosystem. Minters will receive a FREE ‘Oscar Haley and The Great Beyond’ NFT - our generative PFP collection. 

The supply will be 10895 (Film was invented in 1895)

  • Holders will receive a second NFT collection for free (now in development)

  • Early and exclusive access to all media content.

  • Voting Rights on a wide range of topics from upcoming collection pricing, creative project development and more. 

  • Access to our Metaverse experiences and IRL events. 

  • Discounted Entry to every NFF project, drop, experience in perpetuity. 

  • Allowlist spot for every NFF project, drop, and experience in perpetuity

  • There will be a tiered system to incentivize owning multiple passes. One pass will be equal to One vote within NFF with no cap on per wallet voting ability.

  • Events and footprints at or around ComicCon, NFTNYC, NFTLA, The Oscars, creative IRL and virtual workshops with entertainment industry professionals.
    Tiered System:

    • 1 Pass = Member

    • 3 Passes = Executive Producer

    • 10 Passes =  Studio Head

Additional Pass Perks:

3 Passes: 

All of the above 

Lifetime FREE access to all of NFF’s NFT drops. 

Executive Producer(+) Only collaborative projects. 

FREE Custom Limited Edition Oscar Haley Toy & A Custom NFF Ledger.

‘Special Thanks’ Credit on all NFF productions. (Snapshot will be taken before each final cut). 

10 Passes: 

All of the above ^

*If a BAYC owner* Guaranteed usage of your BAYC Asset in a Film or TV production.

Discussion around co-production of your Oscar Haley assets. 

Open door for film/tv project submissions direct to head of NFF studio. 

Quarterly calls with NFF C-Level team to discuss upcoming and unannounced projects.

Team Membership Pass Distribution and Holdings: 

  • Web3 advisors: 25 passes

  • Board of Advisors: 10 passes

  • BBCO: 10 passes

  • Boogie Studios: 5 passes

  • Non-Fungible Films: 25

  • Treasury Passes: 175

NFF plans on holding 175 treasury passes for community giveaways and future partnerships with production houses and seasoned entertainment professionals. As we scale, we want to invite as many seasoned storytellers into our community as possible. We have already begun to see an incredible response from A-List talent curious about adopting our vision and principles.

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