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December 14, 2022 – December 21, 2022





Musiverse is a Budapest - New York-based startup aiming to revolutionize and decentralize the music industry with the help of Web3 solutions & Community movements. We believe that Web3 is not only a financial or technological revolution, but it is a social one as well! 

With our community events & parties, we are aiming to strengthen human relationships and support local and online communities in their goals. These events demonstrate the benefits of the Web3 movements as they give space for open-minded people who believe in blockchain, art, innovation, and decentralization - the topics which are important to us.

Our collection is called The KEYS to the MUSIVERSE 

The Keys exist in 4 different dimensions:

Graphic Art: All the Keys have individual 3D design with exciting traits & frames.

Titles: 500 different quotes will belong to the Keys. all of them will exist in 10 different NFTs. The titles will also have different functions during our event & quests. 

Music: Each NFT will give private access to an exclusive song selection from Housmatic Radio. This exclusive album is going to exist in 5000 pieces only, and it’s never going to be available on any streaming or uploading platforms. 

Utilities: All the 5000 Keys have completely equal utilities

As for social utility, the Keys function as a lifetime pass to all of our music & Web3-

related events, including private NFT parties or community meetups. The Keys

also grant VIP entrance at all public concerts, conferences, and festivals, which we

co-organize through our broadening partnership network.

For their artistic benefits, NFT holders have the privilege to mint the

the exclusive song selection of our main partner, Housematic Radio. This unreleased

album is going to be available for their holders only, and the songs are never going to

be released officially or uploaded to any of the music streaming platforms, like YouTube

or Spotify.

As for the financial utilities, a part of our forthcoming Musiverse Token ($MSV) will

be offered to the NFT Holders, while they will have the privilege to participate in the

official pre-sale of $MSV in 2023. Our Musiverse Token is designed to serve the gover-

nance of the whole Musiverse DAO & Ecosystem.

We already had parties regarding several in Hungary, New-York, Amsterdam. Not to mention some other events that will take place on our behalf all-around the world. 


After the NFT collection launch, we are going to continue event organization

intensively with more & more parties, meet-ups & conferences all around the world.

The events will run continuously, while we are going to expand our Event

Department, Creative Department, and IT Department as well.


We have already started and are going to continue the development of the following

Musiverse products & platforms in 2023:

1.) Web3-Music Agency for musicians (Education, management, services)

We have established partnerships with musicians, music collectives, record labels,

and professionals. We experience a huge gap between the Web3 markets and the

music industry participants, this is why we pay emphasized attention to education.

Our Agency will provide all-inclusive management services for musicians & labels

including Web3.0 education, career management, promotion & label services.


2.) Governance Token ($MSV or Musiverse Token)

$MSV is going to provide financial self-sustainability and self-governance for the

Musiverse DAO & Ecosystem. Token holders will have the opportunity to

participate in the decision-making process in certain fields, such as the Music NFT

Marketplace’s curation process, the Treasury’s capital allocation, and event

organization. The forthcoming $MSV Whitepaper is going to contain further

information about the token protocol, tokenomics & governance.


3.) Music NFT Marketplace & Talent Pool

Our marketplace is aiming to support and raise talented musicians in their early

career stages. The curation process is going to be outsourced to the community,

which will cause quality control and common interests backed with an easy-to-use

experience for the users. The Marketplace is going to operate with

decentralized functionality, community governance, low transaction fees,

and multi- or cross-chain compatibility.


4.) Integration of the whole ecosystem and opening community governance

By linking the Web3-Music Agency & Governance Token with the Music NFT

Marketplace, we create a self-sustainable DAO on the border of the music industry & the

Web3 markets. As soon as we deliver the products, we are going to open self-governance gradually and we are going to focus on expanding the Ecosystem by decentralizing it

sustainably. All of our major strategic decisions serve this vision.

Additional info:

Regarding the MINT and how the NFT Sale going to go down:: 

Round 1 - Whitelist Mint - At this round, we offer 570 NFTs for the whitelisted wallets

to mint at a price of 0.06 ETH. This time, the maximum amount of NFTs to be minted/

wallet is 1.

Round 2 - Early Bird Mint - At this round we open the mint for 1520 NFTs to be minted

at a price of 0.08 ETH. This time, the maximum amount of NFTs to be minted/wallet

is 5. At the end of this round, every remaining NFT will be automatically added to the

Public Mint.

Round 3 - Public Mint - We open the mint for the rest of the collection.

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