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January 20, 2022 – January 27, 2022






Mr. BoxFace is a 10,000 generated one-kind NFT collection living on an ERC-721a contract hosted by IPFS, where the focus is on the text emoticon facial expressions. With over 254,800,000 possible combinations, Mr. BoxFace lives either happily, sadly, drowsy, in love, or just Lenny-ing around.

The artist behind Mr. BoxFace is the amazing Miguel Guercio, who is a highly talented 3D modeler and enthusiast towards toy making, cute things, and anything nerdy. Miguel had worked with Disney Italy, Rainbow Animation, and other big studio clients as an Art Director, Character Designer, and Animator. He had also partnered up with a Chinese toy producer, Good Ones to produce his first lineup of toys. He had also been published on Pictoplasma's first magazine based in Germany, which is one of the best foundations to talk about modern art and character design.


With over $350,000 in giveaways, it is only for those handpicked Whitelisted Members who had minted our special Mr. BoxFace NFTS. Various giveaways such as $5,000 in USDC, Tesla Model 3 LR, BMW i4 M50, Digital Display Screen, or our financial support for your project idea.

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50% whitelisted project all handpicked from various rules and verifications for only those true enthusiasts towards our brand.

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WL Minting Price: 0.15 ETH

WL Minting Date: Feb. 2022

Public Mint Price: 0.2 ETH

Public Mint Date: Feb. 2022

"Living the Box_xed Life."

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