Masked Souls

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November 12, 2023 – November 17, 2023





The drop, 'Masked Souls,' is a collaborative work between the legendary crypto artist, Mr. Misang, and the renowned French digital artist, Polygon1993. It commemorates Mr. Misang's first solo exhibition in Europe, focusing on the central theme of 'crowds,' a recurring motif in Mr. Misang's art. Polygon1993 reinterprets this theme in his unique glitch style.

Through 'Masked Souls,' the once prominent crowds in Mr. Misang's world are reimagined by Polygon1993, appearing hazy but now emanating a brilliant neon light, representing a new 'soul' within the artwork. The crowds within the artwork symbolize the digitized individuals in the digital environment. In contemporary society, information governs a significant portion of our lives, and data shapes our identities. In the digital world, this information acts as a person's identity.

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