Visions in Exile Launch Series

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November 15, 2023 – November 22, 2023





In lands afar, beneath a stranger's sky,
Whispers of visions in exile do lie.
In dreams they dance, in shadows they blend,
A tapestry of thoughts, time cannot mend.

Amidst the echoes of a lost homeland's song,
Visions in exile, where memories belong.
They speak in colors of a sun long set,
In hues of longing, in silhouettes of regret.

A mirage of a garden, once vivid and bright,
Now lives in the exile's heart, veiled by night.
Each petal, a story, each thorn, a tear,
A mosaic of hopes, entwined with fear.

In the quiet, in the solitude, they often appear,
These visions in exile, both distant and near.
A bridge over time, a conduit of years,
Bearing the weight of unspoken fears.

Yet in this exile, where dreams are sown,
New visions arise, uniquely their own.
In the heart's quiet corner, they silently thrive,
In the land of exile, keeping hope alive.

Drop: 5PM EST

Tags: #art

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