Mask Cult

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January 14, 2022 – January 21, 2022





Mask Cult is the collection of 3333 Masked people. The aim of the collection is to be an income-generative Community Fund to NFT holders. This Fund will have a wide spectrum of investments, starting from investing in different cryptocurrencies and ending on crypto projects implementation.

Profit distribution and NFT floor price regulation are going to be implemented through staking system and tokens buybacks. This means that share of community profit will be used to buy all holders' tokens on the market at the fixed price. Thus, every holder with staked NFT will be able to swap Mask Cult tokens for Ethereum.

The principles of the society governance and investment decisions making are based on voting. 1 NFT equals 1 vote.

Our Whitepaper includes a comprehensive description of all Community's work principles.

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