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November 09, 2022 – November 16, 2022





Are you ready to win mani22 concept art?

Hi! I'm @torovoa, the founder and artist behind manitos nft-art collection.

As I work on creating and finishing the next wave of our lovely (1of1) animated characters affectionately named manitos, I've decided to do a giveaway for a concept piece from manito#022. This will be the first art of this small and limited series of concept works about some of the characters in the collection. The intention of this series is to show what is behind some of the manitos, so that collectors and visitors can understand, interpret and fall even more in love with the final result.

The artwork to be raffled is a 10-edition piece. Therefore there will be 10 winners, and it will not be possible to win more than 1 edition per wallet. Only those who own one or more of the 60 works available from the "Manitos" collection on opensea will participate in this giveaway. The advantage of being a collector of more than one mani is that your name will be repeated in the draw list, but remembering that this does not allow you to win more than one piece, as mentioned above. If the same name is drawn twice, only the first one will be validated.

@torovoa is a brazilian visual artist who has been working around web3 for over a year. In addition to the polygon network, his works can be found on blockchains such as solana and tezos, as well as physical works at exhibitions in brazil.

Come and be part of the manitos community, a completely handcrafted frame-by-frame animated pfp project. You can be sure that all the pieces are rare, like us! <3

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