Maac Attack

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January 24, 2022 – January 27, 2022





Jan.20 -  Feb.14th 2022

     The MAAC Attack collection is an evolving series based on my original 10+ stencil layer, spray paint technique. MAAC stands for Meta-Algorythmic-Alien-Crypton-O-tron...These MAACs vary in colors, but the first to be spotted  was the infamous "Iron" MAAC Tyson-O-tron.

     Super Duper Space Force is an elite crew lead by Cmdr. Black Ice along with head art creator The Urban Monk in search of "Equality4All" throughout the Multiverse. They chart their travels through social media transmissions and NFTs. 

    With backgrounds in street art, illustration, and other futuristically magical abilities the crew forges new ground as the most elite department of Super Duper Space Force Division of Art, Science, & Satire.

     The missions of this collection is to embrace science, technology, creativity, imagination, and diversity in a gumbo of super fresh work.

      These NFTs are being exhibited in a VR Gallery that can be experienced through newer smart phones, tablets, computers, and even in a fully submersive 3D VR, Oculus Quest 2 mode. The VR Exhibition also has links directly to each piece's corresponding OpenSea auction profile.

In advance of Black History Month I would like to thank all those that support Black Artists and our contributions in the fields of Science, Technology, and Art. #SupportBlackArtists


Cmdr. Black, SDSF

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