Lost World’s Herbarium

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November 25, 2021 – December 02, 2021


Magic Eden



Mint Price: 0 SOL

Mint Date: November 17th

Lost World's Herbarium is an innovative algorithmic generative art NFT project, built on Solana, bringing 2 core innovations:

1. A three-part generative art platform, where the fusion of two components reveal the final NFT

2. A Shotgun-type auction that revolutionizes pricing discovery

The Herbarium collection is the first generative art project by Sumida Shigeo to use this new creative method. 10,000 final NFTs will be minted following the combination of the 20,000 freely claimed initial sheets. These unique botanical specimens recovered from The Lost World each have rare medicinal properties. Don’t just purchase an NFT, take part in its creation.

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