Hipster Hobos

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November 02, 2021 – November 08, 2021



Hipster Hobos is a digital art collection of 3000 unique generated characters assembled from over 80 different hand-drawn traits, wandering somewhere on the Solana blockchain in form of NFT's. It is the only collection of Hobos on Solana.

The story behind Hipster Hobos is that they are a community of unemployed NFT traders, who are making their living in the crypto metaverse. Don´t be confused, unemployed doesn´t mean they don´t work! In fact, they might be making huge amounts of money, but don´t want to change their lifestyle. They wander around the Solana blockchain and gather at the crypto-squat where they discuss future and past trades, give each other buying tips or just chill and share stories. Some of them were lucky enough to make an extra dollar or two to buy more expensive accessories, so they might look a little fancy to you. Don´t worry, they are still hobos in their hearts.

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