Lion Kingdom

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February 11, 2022 – February 18, 2022





The Lion Kingdom is a collection of 8,888 unique, computer generated lion NFTs. Join the Kingdom and rule the jungle by owning your very own, unique Lion Kingdom NFT. Each Lion Kingdom NFT will be decked out in a combination of fun attributes from a pool of 170+ possible traits.

When you purchase your Lion Kingdom NFT, not only do you get an awesome NFT with unique perks and utility, but you will help contribute toward the preservation of lions, as they are on the brink of becoming endangered.

All Lions are unique and cute! With that being said, each Lion Kingdom NFT will have a rarity attached to it. There are a total of 11 different skin designs that are ranked from common to legendary. The rarity of your Lion will benefit you in contests, raffles, and breeding.

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