Crypto Paradox Club

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February 20, 2022 – February 27, 2022





Welcome to The CryptoParadoxClub!

The Crypto Paradox Club is a exclusive collection of 7777 unique digital aliens stored on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The first NFT to be sent out to space. We will randomly choose 3 NFTs and phisically send them to space. The process will be filmed and you will be able to follow their route to space on our social platforms. The value of the three will grow significantly.

We will launch a Paradox Token. Holding one or more NFT's will automatically add an amount of tokens in your digital wallet.

A new Paradox is already designed. After Axe, the first alien on Earth will be send out to space we will reveal the second character.

Axe's holders that will have an 'x' amount of tokens will get the second character for free. 

We are taking Axe to the in-game World. Play to Earn assets for crypto rewards. After the Sold Out all of our members will be able to see the Demo version of the Game!

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