Joe Ravioli - The Cheesiest imPasta

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January 17, 2023 – January 24, 2023





First 500 Drops January 17, 2023! ​

Joe Ravioli - A.K.A. “The CHEESIEST imPASTA”, is a Ricotta filled Compulsive Gambler who borrowed a lot of Dough from The Mozzarella Family.

Oh No! Tomato Sauce came in last. He wagered all the Dough on this one horse at the Tortellini Racetrack. Madone, the Yeast Rising Interest is out of control and Joe can't pay any of it back anytime soon.

The Mozzarella Family puts out a Calzone Contract and hires The Meatball Gang to search and find Joe, and bring him back alive, then Boil him Head First "Al Dente" Style!

Now with The Mozzarella Family owning the Town and The Meatball Gang up and down all the streets searching for Joe, it’s a like a Pepperoni Pizza Pie (Total Meaty Cheesy Chaos).

It’s hard for Joe to leave town with an empty wallet, so he needs to hide himself in the Cheesiest of Disguises.


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