Antilia Alpha Club

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January 10, 2023 – January 17, 2023





Welcome to an Elite Alpha Club of High Achievers.

Antilia Alpha Club is a group of Crypto and NFT degens willing to share their knowledge with a chosen few. We are on a mission to create a community of hyperactive people who want to change their lives and achieve more by investing less.

We will provide you with NFT & Crypto Signals, WL spots, Trading & Analysis tools, Learning materials, and Live Training.

We believe  “Success Produces Success, Just as Money Produces Money.”

Membership Pass

Here’s what you get by Antilia Alpha Club

  • Daily analysis, reviews, & discussions.
  • Access to custom inbuilt Discord market analytics tools.
  • Access to a custom inbuilt Discord FOMO alert bots.
  • Whitelist allocations to big upcoming projects.
  • Automated Contract minter + secondary auto-buy sniper.
  • Sophisticated NFT rarity, quick buy, portfolio tracker extension.
  • Ping bots e.g. whale alerts, rug pull finder, certain nft people in the space.
  • Tools Channel.
  • Icy tools, nft calendar, moby alerts.
  • Access to educational courses.
  • Access to Job Postings in the crypto & nft world.
  • 1/1 discussion with experts.
  • Access to “Antilia” Node for Super fast transactions.
  • Exclusive guides on how and when to buy, flip and practically how to make money in this space with small amounts to almost zero risk.
  • And much more...

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