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September 26, 2022 – October 03, 2022


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What is the Galaxy DroidZ?

Galaxy DroidZ is a an exclusive NFT collection available only on Ultra’s Uniq Marketplace. The collection consists of 767 unique DroidZ across 8 distinct classes, with each droid assigned a rarity level representing both their unique artistic variations as well as utility within the Ultra ecosystem.

Collection Breakdown

The full Galaxy DroidZ collection can be broken down into three main categories. The first category is the bulk of the collection known as the “Base DroidZ”, which consists of the DroidZ against coloured backgrounds based on their rarity level(we will talk about rarity in a minute). Base DroidZ represent around 50% of the collection.

The second category is what we call “Themed DroidZ”, which are the same 8 DroidZ in visually distinct styles and themes, representing around 40% of the collection. These could be anything from elemental themes, Vintage, and fun Trading card game themes. The purpose of the themed DroidZ is to broaden the aesthetic style of the collection so that we have a lot of different looks that cater to different tastes. Something for everyone!

The final category is what we call “Special DroidZ”, these are one of a kind DroidZ with completely unique design elements. Making up less than 10% of the collection, these will be among the rarest of DroidZ and could be anything from a French Legionnaire Soldier Droid to a Kurosawa style Samurai. Some of these will be put up for sale on Ultra’s Launchpad, but most will be given away in lotteries and other special event giveaways.

Drop schedule:

The full Galaxy DroidZ collection will be released over time through a series of scheduled drops as well as through lotteries for holders, giveaways and special events.

For each drop, the DroidZ will be put up on Ultra’s Uniq Marketplace Launchpad and will be able to be purchased directly, i.e. you choose the Droid you want to buy (before someone else buys it). There is no random Minting since that functionality isn’t enabled yet.

The breakdown for the drops will be as follows:

Roughly ~120 UNIQs of the collection will be released to coincide with the long awaited public launch of Ultra’s Uniq Marketplace on August 29th.

Following the launch we will do scheduled bi-weekly drops of ~70 UNIQs (every two weeks), for 12 weeks (7 additional drops totaling ~500 UNIQs). This is in part to ensure people have multiple chances to secure a Galaxy Droid.

Around ~100 UNIQs will be left in reserve for us to use for lotteries, giveaways, special events and other cool things.

The exact dates and times of the subsequent drops are to be announced, however rest assured there will be plenty of warning.


‘Utility’ is a word that has grown (or lost) in meaning in the NFT space, and as such we have taken a more grounded approach as to what we can provide without teasing imaginary things. We are lucky enough to have an ongoing relationship with the team at Ultra, and as such our utility is split into some things we will provide, and some which Ultra have the ability to provide. The level of Ultra provided utility is determined by the rarity level of the Droid.

Utility Provided by Ultra

Uncommon and Rare DroidZ:

Ultra Tournament Entry: ‘Sneak-peeks’ as well as special entry into exclusive ‘invite-only’ tournaments.

Super-Rare, Ultra-Rare DroidZ

Ultra Tournament Entry: ‘Sneak-peeks’ as well as special entry into exclusive ‘invite-only’ tournaments.

Ultra Tournament Platform Preview: Exclusive pre-release live walkthrough of the Ultra Tournament Platform with co-CEO of Ultra, David Hanson.

Legendary, and Animated DroidZ:

Ultra Tournament Entry: ‘Sneak-peeks’ as well as special entry into exclusive ‘invite-only’ tournaments.

Ultra Tournament Platform Preview: Exclusive pre-release live walkthrough of the Ultra Tournament Platform with co-CEO of Ultra, David Hanson.

Early Game Access: DroidZ holder’s with this utility will receive regular invites to play and demo Ultra-exclusive games before their public release. As the Ultra Ecosystem grows, so too will the list of games available to these Droidz holders.

Utility Provided by Galaxy DroidZ:

Galactic Power

In addition to Ultra platform rewards, owners of Galaxy DroidZ (and Alpha DroidZ), will also hold Galactic Power that will entitle them to a host of Galaxy DroidZ community perks.

Galactic Power (GP) is a mysterious energy field that radiates from the Droidz and it’s the resource that powers all the community based rewards/perks for Droid holders, entitling them to discord access, automatic entry into lotteries, voting rights, and more.

Each and every Droid has a certain GP level rating from 1 to 35, based on its rarity level. A Droid holder’s Galactic Power rating is the accumulated power level rating of all the DroidZ held in their account. For example; if CryptoBro owns 1 Rare assassin (GP: 15), 1 Ultra-Rare Barbarian (GP: 25), and 1 Animated Samurai (GP: 35), he would have a combined GP of 75.

Weekly snapshots will be taken of the Ultra Blockchain to determine each user’s GP and any lotteries or community votes will use the most recent snapshot to determine the pool of potential lottery winners and vote strength of each voter.

Basically, the more DroidZ you own, the more GP you have and the greater chance you have of winning community lotteries, and the more say you have regarding allocation of Warchest funds in developer/game giveaways (more on this soon).

The amount of GP per Droid level are as follows:

Soldier Alpha Droid: 1 GP

Samurai Alpha Droid: 2 GP

Ninja Alpha Droid: 3 GP

Heavy Alpha Droid: 4 GP

Barbarian Alpha Droid: 5 GP

Uncommon Galaxy Droid: 10 GP

Rare Galaxy Droid: 15 GP

Super-Rare Galaxy Droid: 20 GP

Ultra-Rare Galaxy Droid: 25 GP

Legendary Galaxy Droid: 30 GP

Animated Galaxy Droid: 35 GP

Mathematicians may notice there is a slight diminishing return on price to GP ratio. This is by design in order to mitigate the rich getting (too much) richer.

What does Galactic Power get me??

GP entitles Droid holders to the following benefits:

Exclusive Access to the Galaxy DroidZ discord server.

Automatic entry into all Galaxy DroidZ community lotteries.

Voting Rights for all Galaxy DroidZ Community votes

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