Full House

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May 15, 2022 – May 22, 2022





Did you heard about : FULL HOUSE NFT

Project backed with top pro poker players, wsop bracelets owner and hall of fame members..

CEO is Fabien Richard : Photograph of WSOP since 15 years, former team manager of OnPok & TurboPoker. Actual advisor Poker for One Drop Europe

Full House is set to launch an ambitious collection of NFT collectible cards with the help of 100 top poker players.

Like : Todd Brunson, Jonathan Little, Mizrachi Family, Scott Bohlman, Bruno Fitoussi, Sylvain Loosli , Jason Mercier, Kevin MacPhee , Michael Gatty, Eli Elezra, Paul Volpe, Stephen Chidwick, David Rheem , Faraz Jaka, Marvin Rettenmaier, Timothy Relly, Manig Loeser, Chance Kornuth and many others...

Full House will launch a collection of 100,000 unique NFTs themed after 100 great poker players. (1000 NFTS of Each poker Players)

These cards will be available in random packs of 10, 50 and 100.

Holders of these cards will be able to trade them worldwide on the dedicated platform.

A special feature of the Full House concept is that the value of the cards will fluctuate according to the players' results, and the more they win, the more valuable the cards they are on will become.

The strength of this project is that we offer a minimum value to each card, So you can't lose money because nobody can lower the floor price.

At the same time, valuable items (including a 1 Tesla - 5 PS5 - 3 MacBook Air!) will be hidden behind some NFTs, offering nice surprise gifts to their lucky owners.

We will be launching a Play to Earn game with a TVshow, a poker coaching program and many other surprises to come throughout the project.

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