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September 03, 2022 – September 10, 2022






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18th September 2022 (12:00 UTC)

FU Crypto Club…Who gives a fucc?

FU Crypto Club (FUCC) is a family built and community driven exclusive members club, powered by original Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collections, built on the Ethereum blockchain with utility-rich features at its core.

FUCC is an open and honest brand, we believe in freedom of expression… obviously!


Minting one of our NFTs offers lifetime membership access to the FU Crypto Club (FUCC), the wallet address used to mint will be your digital pass to the FUniverse (even if you sell your NFT and no longer hold one).

Perks of minting:

- Lifetime membership to the FU Crypto Club inside the FUinverse

- Lifetime access to our members only discord channels (coming soon)

- Lifetime voting privileges in the community

- PFP enabled NFTs (while holding)

- First to know about future collections

- Automatically added to allowlists for future FUCC drops

- Lifetime discounted merchandise

- Lifetime FREE coffee at our FUCCafés (limited to one a day, save some coffee for the others)

- and more.


Passion, hard-work and dedication is what has gotten us here, but where are we going?

With your help, we aim to achieve great things with everyone benefiting along the way (did you not just read the perks?).

Roadmap - Phase 1

Launch our first collection FUCC 100.

10,000 utility-rich 100x100 pixel Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Assembled algorithmically with DNA, accessories, tokens and special features, all adding to their personality and rarity.

Included in the collection are 47 ‘Original’ blank canvas editions, 11 ‘Special’ rare editions and 14 ‘24x24 Pixel’ limited editions.

Roadmap - Phase 2

Launch our second collection FUCC 24.

24,000 unique 24x24 pixel original art pieces inspired by the initiation of the digital art movement.

Updates will be announced via our official twitter channel (@FUCryptoClub) and right here on our website.

Those lucky enough to mint a FUCC 100 will automatically have the chance to mint a FUCC 24 for FREE.

Roadmap - Phase 3

Launch our online store

These FUCC designs are way too good not to have on a hoodie or a coffee cup!

You will be able to get your hands on some cool FUCC merchandise through our online store.

Proceeds from the minting and sales of our collections will contribute to developing merchandise and physical art pieces, oh and awesome giveaways!

Follow us on our official twitter (@FUCryptoClub) for announcements.

Roadmap - Phase 4

Launch our members club… the FUniverse

When you mint or hold an FUCC, you gain membership access to the FUniverse.

Perks will increase over time, as a member, you have voting privileges on what those perks should be… win win.

Roadmap - Phase 5

Launch our first FUCCafé

That’s right, we aim to launch our first FU Crypto Café in the real world.

We want to build a real life community of collectors, investors, enthusiasts, collaborators and entrepreneurs who share their love for everything coffee and crypto. Perks (no pun intended) will be rewarded to minters and holders of all our NFT collections.

Our white paper will be released and published on our website.

Roadmap - And after that…

The future knows no bounds.

More collections with exclusive collaborations are on the horizon. Community led projects, events, competitions and whatever the fucc you want to see in our roadmap, you have a say!

Who the fucc are you?

We are a small loving, creative family with lots of great fucc’in ideas. We are very excited to share all our creations to our extended family… The FUCCommunity.


Founder and creator of the FU Crypto Club. Harrison believes in freedom of expression and owning it. With never before seen original digital art, now you can… own it… literally.


Co-Founder and creative. Victoria believes in freedom of expression and showing it… literally!

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