Endangered Species NFT - Private Sale

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September 02, 2022 – September 09, 2022





The project "Endangered Species NFT" makes NFTs useful!

3,411 animated and unique NFTs for the survival of all species on our beautiful planet.

Endangered Species NFT will finally make NFTs truly useful in the real world.

Private Sale :

Private Sale Price : 0.10 ETH

Public Sale Price : 0.15 ETH

Gold Private Sale Whitelist : 10 spots (50 NFTs per wallet max)

Silver Private Sale Whitelist : 20 spots (20 NFTs per wallet max)

Bronze Private Sale Whitelist : 50 spots (10 NFTs per wallet max)

Helping Associations

Our objective is to help associations that rely on financial donations to fight against the extinction of protected species.

50% of the profits generated through the sale of NFTs directly on OpenSea will be redistributed to various associations throughout the globe.

In exchange for these donations, our partner associations will simply have to talk about the Endangered Species NFT project.

This will increase the popularity of our project and make it possible to collect more donations.

Exhibitions: Art Galleries

NFTs from the Endangered Species NFT collection will be exhibited in private art galleries using Samsung The Frame TV so as to merge the virtual world with the real world.

The world of NFTs is currently limited to a certain category of people who are interested in the digital world.

We wish to reach all types of people and all age groups!

The only way to achieve this and to bring NFTs into the real world is through various events like exhibitions.

3,411 Animated NFTs

All NFTs in the Endangered Species NFT collection are unique, animated and high-definition.

A ranking system was established using different frame designs and colors.

For example, gold frames are the rarest, with only 156 of them out of 3,411 NFTs.

This system will make it easier to become aware of the low populations of certain species near the verge of extinction.

OpenSea and Ethereum

The blockchain we've chosen is Ethereum.

Thanks to its future proof-of-stake (PoS) update, Ethereum will consume 99% less energy.

This develoment confirmed our choice, being deeply concerned about our beautiful planet.

Owners of our NFTs will be able to resell them on OpenSea.

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