Fewos by FEWOCiOUS

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September 27, 2023 – September 29, 2023






One of the most prominent and brightest artists in the NFT realm, FEWOCiOUS, is finally releasing his latest project. The artist has been putting so much passion into it for over a year and is now ready to introduce it to the world. Dubbed ‘Fewos,’ it features 20,000 unique characters spanning three distinct species: Frankensteins, Humanoids, and Misunderstoods. Fewos are the inhabitants of FewoWorld, created in April 2022, each with their personal stories and emotions. 

FEWOCiOUS has been delving deep into the question of identity, recognizing that such PFPs as Punks or Apes often reflect their holders' identities. They are more than just collectible items or hyped JPEGs but a big thing in the contemporary art world. Building on this insight, FEWOCiOUS aimed to create something profound. Fewos go beyond mere PFPs; they are full-bodied creatures with a unique set of traits and characteristics embedded in their DNA. Each Fewo was born in the artist’s mind to be later hand-drawn and then converted into 3D art.

In addition to emotions and movements, Fewos stand out by their style. In November, FEWOCiOUS will open a Dressing Room where Fewos can change their outfits. It’s worth noting that all modifications happening in the Dressing Room can visually alter the actual NFT. 

Aside from getting a unique Fewo, holders will be airdropped Flowers that serve two purposes. Firstly, they act as Mint Passes for an upcoming drop of digital wearables and accessories. Besides, these Flowers can be equipped directly as holdable items if left unredeemed. There will be five tiers and types defining the kinds of Fewo Fashion items holders will get access to. All the details on getting yourself one or a bunch are here

Fewos will be minted over the week between September 25th and 29th with varying prices based on your category. Fewos will be free to claim for Paint Holders, while they will cost 0.125 ETH for FEWOCiOUS Art Holders and 0.4 ETH for the public. Find more details on the Fewos minting process here

The release of Fewos is a huge event in the non-fungible world. This project represents the next chapter in FEWOCiOUS's artistic journey and is also a breath of fresh air to the industry and a move of commitment to a vast community of FEWOCiOUS’s supporters. Welcome to FewoWorld!

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