Unifred Unifred 01.06.2023

Fewocious Unveils The Details Of 'Fewos' PFP Collection in Fewoworld

Prominent NFT Artist Fewocious has finally announced the launch of his long-awaited NFT collection titled 'Fewos,' set to be released in a few months. Featuring 20,000 unique Fewo characters, this series is a part of Fewocious' Web3 universe, known as FewoWorld.

According to the FewoWorld website, Fewos are hand-drawn characters with various traits, including squiggly eyes, linework bones, and other unique features, converted into stunning 3D art. Created in the artist’s signature style, Fewos are vibrant, and a bit weird but extremely unique. 

There are three unique species of Fewos – Frankenstein, Misunderstood, and Humanoid with each Fewo having its backstory and personality traits. These little inhabitants of FewoWorld ‘have been created through the cosmic explosion of Paint’ and will act as the counterparts to Paint Drops. The sales for these unique PFPs will happen in three waves at the end of August: 

  • Paint Holder Presale will be open for holders of NFTs from the Paint Drop, allowing them to use their Paint Drops to redeem a free Fewo.
  • Fewocious Art Holder Presale will allow holders of other Fewocious pieces to mint a Fewo for a discounted price. 
  • Public Sale will be open for everyone with final timing and prices to be announced.

According to the site, each of the Fewo NFTs will be accompanied by its own individual ERC-6551 'backpack' wallet. After grabbing a Fewo, collectors will also be able to redeem “Flowers” for their Fewos. They will act as mint passes to allow collectors "bloom" into FewoFashion digital wearables and accessories.

Fewos' is a highly-anticipated drop among the NFT community following the remarkable success of the artist's earlier NFT drops. Fewocious is a prominent personality that made a mark in the non-fungible realm, having collaborated with various artists, having generated whopping sums in sales, and lots more. 

Fewocious is gaining increasing recognition for his expressive style and unique approach to creating art in the digital space. The upcoming Fewos collection is expected to add another layer to Fewocious' growing universe as he seeks to expand a community of collectors and fans around his work.