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October 02, 2023 – October 09, 2023





FarWestDigital is a revolutionary proposal in the world of NFTs, dedicated to the exciting collection of cars. Our NFTs represent a wide range of vehicles, from iconic classics to contemporary power sports cars. Each NFT is a true work of digital art, meticulously crafted in stunning detail. With an impressive collection of more than 5,000 NFT cars, we invite you to immerse yourself in a universe of elegance and speed. Discover the excitement of being the virtual owner of these incredible vehicles and live a unique experience in the world of NFTs. Welcome to FarWestDigital, where art and passion for cars come together in an experience like no other.

The collection will have 4 types of Rarity, Common, Rare, Very Rare and Extremely rare! Depending on its rarity will be its market value. The cars have been created by 2 excellent Graphic Designers. The base price of our collection will be: 0.0027 ETH


Phase 1: Preparation and launch

  • Market research and analysis of the demand for NFT cars.
  • Design and development of the FarWestDigital platform.
  • Creation of the first NFT collection of cars.
  • Official launch of FarWestDigital and promotion on social networks.

Phase 2: Expansion of the collection

  • Continue the development and launch of new NFT car collections.
  • Collaborations with artists and designers for the creation of exclusive NFTs.
  • Implementation of platform improvements based on community feedback.
  • Establishment of strategic alliances with other related projects and platforms.

Phase 3: Community interaction and participation

  • Organization of virtual events and exclusive auctions for NFT holders.
  • Creation of rewards programs and benefits for the FarWestDigital community.
  • Encourage the participation and collaboration of users in the development of new functionalities.
  • Maintain fluid and transparent communication with the community through support channels and regular updates.

Our vision

With the funds raised, our main focus is to improve and expand our platform, with the goal of creating a unique web3 experience. Our vision is to empower every NFT owner in our collection to customize and modify their digital car according to their preferences.

By developing advanced tools and features, we will enable NFT owners to make personalized changes to their digital cars, from customizing color and styling to adding accessories and additional details. We want every NFT owner to feel like a true designer, able to reflect their style and creativity in their virtual car.

In addition, we will use the proceeds to improve the security, accessibility, and overall experience of our platform. We will work in collaboration with blockchain technology experts and user interface designers to offer an intuitive and friendly interface that makes it easy to personalize digital cars.

Our ultimate goal is to create an active and enthusiastic community of digital car collectors, where each owner can enjoy a unique and personalized experience. Join us on this exciting journey towards creating a revolutionary web3 platform and discover the full potential that our digital cars have to offer!

Tags: #art

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