EyePhucked Kitty

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September 23, 2022 – September 30, 2022





In February 2004, a mental disease spread across universe 666, infected all living kitties’ brain and eyes. Turning them into EyePhucked kitties. They’re brain dead and cannot make proper judgement, only believes in their phucked up sight. Only the scumbag kitties are immune to the disease. It turns out they are the source of this mental illness. Their greed, lust, pride and vanity started the spread. Now they are taking advantage and preying on the EyePhucked ones. The scummy kitties camouflage themselves within the group. So no one knows they are the cause of this calamity. The EyePhucked kitties needs your help to save them from being enslaved and manipulated by the scums. We have to seek out all the scummy kitties, capture them, and isolate them from the infected kitties. But beware, this disease is highly contagious. Check if you have the EyePhucked symptoms: 1. Fomo in when there’s hype and buy at near peak price. 2. Always sell at near bottom price or dump whenever you hear Fud. 3. Believe in those that talk a good game, but never deliver what was promised. 4. keep dating people that’s attractive and exciting, at the end left with a broken heart. 5. Trust the so-called guru or elites, later they scammed your life saving, and you feel it’s your fault. 6. Being the nice guy and got walked all over by everyone. And so on. If you have any similar behavior, you are infected. You must stay in the EyePhucked universe, before we turn everything back to normal, or else it will spread to your universe as well. Now lets lock those scumbags up, so the EyePhucked kitties to have the time to recover their brain function.

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