DOODLES Vol. 1 by Vexx

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April 16, 2021 – April 17, 2021






On April 16, Vince Okerman aka Vexx is releasing his first NFT collection titled ‘DOODLES Vol.’ on Nifty Gateway. Vexx is just 22 years old but he has already become a very recognizable person in the art world. In 2015, he started a YouTube channel and now he has a massive following (several million subscribers). He has been creating time-lapses, art challenges, and drawing tutorials.

Vexx is a self-taught artist and a self-proclaimed doodler. However, he has already managed to collaborate with such big names as Porsche, Puma, Converse, Samsung, RedBull, Amazon Prime, etc.

Within his ‘DOODLES Vol. 1’ NFT collection, there will be artworks released as 2-minute open editions as well as auctioned pieces. There will also be 2 exclusive $1 editions to make the artworks available for all his fans.

This collection is carbon-negative in partnership with Offsetra.

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