Dito The Pug New Drop - Powerful Beings

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September 25, 2021 – September 26, 2021





Dito the Pug is an NFT Collection by an artist who decided to celebrate the life of his pug, turning him into a cartoon character. All NFTs created are unique and made manually, with no automated processes behind them.

We'll be releasing 10+ new Ditos within the Powerful Beings theme.

You will find the following costumes among the new Ditos: Dr. Manhattan, Jedi, Steven Universe, Omni Man, Invincible, Batman and Superman.

All Ditos have a 0.025 ETH entry price, but you have a chance to buy one of them for 0.01 through a raffle ongoing on our Discord server. Every week on Dito is sold for half of the entry price.

Check our Instagram @ditothepug, our community there is 2.5k and growing.

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