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September 27, 2021 – October 04, 2021





DROP HAS STARTED! We are dropping 25 NFT Rings per day for 2 months in order to build the community & whitelist slowly and organically. Each NFT is the owner’s claim to a PHYSICAL, STAINLESS STEEL RING counterpart! You'll also get early access to Drop [1.0], bonus airdrops based on your ring's design and rarity, and much more!

Catharsis Collective's v[0.1] NFT Ring drop is our project’s version of a WHITELIST for our upcoming drop in Q1 2022 which will be HUGE.

This drop features 1424 hand-rendered, high-resolution video artworks centered around our unique Rings designs in varying sizes and color finishes.

We created bold, statement-piece rings to be used as spiritual totems; reminders to stand tall and live with confidence. Each piece is embedded with symbolic meaning and is meant to be the reflection of its owner.

They are like characters—each with their own personality; they're assertive, powerful, and intended to reflect our deepest and best selves.

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