Dirty Sockers OG drop

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January 10, 2023 – January 17, 2023





Dirty Sockers is the pilot project of W3 consulting - an NFT consultancy agency, bridging the gap between web 2 and web 3. Dirty Sockers is a project created by five doxxed founders and co-founders, with previous experiences within crypto, business and NFTs. Dirty Sockers is a rebel group that are not just talking, but doing. We are a bunch of free spirited, independently thinking, mother sockers.

The Dirty Socker OG is a collection of 10 unique Dirty Socker PFPs, in packs of 10, made by the designer behind the Dirty Sockers, Saad Minhaas. The collection is connected to the 10.000 Dirty Socker collection, being released a couple of months after OG. OG holders take part of all the Dirty Socker utilities - but with an extra set of super juicy rewards, that are specific for the OG holders.

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