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Crypto.com is a non-fungible token (NFT) platform that features collaborations between mainstream and digital artists. The Platform aims to provide a new way for fans to own a piece of the artists’ history. The NFTs collection offers memorable moments, which are a heritage to many. Users create, display, buy and sell non-fungible tokens in the Platform earning in the process. Crypto.com was founded in 2021 established by Foris DAX Global Limited.

For interested individuals, first, create an account to gain access to the Crypto.com NFT Platform. Since Crypto.com is an invite only platform, any new user must first present a sample of their work to the platform. After verification, the user can then be allowed to join or denied.

User’s buy and sell NFTs, through an auction process on the Platform. To participate in the Auction, users link their digital wallet to their Crypto.com Account. In some instances, Crypto.com pauses, cancels, or discontinues the Auction transactions at its will. A part of the amount they receive, they pay the applicable fees as per the agreement of Crypto.com. The Platform automatically deducts fees from payments to users and adds costs to their charges.

There are some highlights you can’t miss at the Platform’s website:

  • Marketplace- it has four section, art, celebrity, gaming and sport.
  • Art section which shows which editions of artwork are available, how many are for sale and at how much.
  • Celebrity section shows the art work of celebrity people outlining their available editions and pricing
  • Gaming lists the gaming collectible available
  • Sport section focuses on the artwork related to sports, the edition available and their cost.
  • Drops section lists the collectibles which will be released soon on the platform.
  • Sign in section provides a place where users sign into their accounts, and new users can create their profile.

Creators engage in the promotion of assets, e.g., their Sale Item, using various channels, e.g., social media accounts. However, the Platform is not legible for communications or promotions conducted by the Creators. However, the NFT platform operates under invite- only; therefore, users mint and sell their own NFTs at Crypto.com only after an invite from a Platform person.

Crypto.com blockchain offers its native cryptocurrency, CRO. That is the token that customers use to pay for goods and services via the Crypto.com Wallet App. They can also trade it for artwork and other digital assets. In Crypto.com, users choose whether to receive payments in CRO, stable coins or fiat.

Users stake their coins for a specified period and, in return, earn interest. The amount of interest earned varies depending on the staking length. Interest is not paid in USD or other fiat money but by the coin used in staking. The app feature that allows users to earn interest is called Crypto Earn. Users receive a weekly payout of their interest earnings, calculated and displayed by the app. The Terms of staking are one and three months, and a user can opt for a flexible term option. Staking more for a longer-term pays more as compared to the flexible option.

The blockchain is invite-only; therefore, users require invite to enjoy the benefits of the platform. Any interested users can access it and conduct their transactions. CRO is the native token, with other cryptocurrencies used for payments also.

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