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Valuables is a blockchain platform where Twitter users can sell, buy, or bid on tweets from other Twitter users in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Valuables platform was founded in 2020, spearheaded by Cent, a social media platform leveraging blockchain technology. Twitter users use the platform to authorize their Twitter accounts. Therefore, they mint their tweets and create Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) using blockchain technology. The tweets are recorded on an immutable blockchain ledger that is accessible to everyone.
There are simple steps a new user can follow to get started with valuable:

  • Set up a MetamAsk wallet - MetamASK is a cryptocurrency wallet. It helps users interact with Valuables and store their cryptocurrency that they might have received as payment for tweets. Once users are members of the platforms, they can utilize Ethereum on Ethereum-based tokens to receive funds to the cryptocurrency account or other addresses.'
  • Start dealing with valuables- since the wallet is connected to the Twitter account, anyone can bid on any tweet they like and acquire it.

Once the user is licensed of their tweets, they install the Metamask browser plugin. The plugin allows the author to take offers from an individual interested in buying the tweet. Once the buyer and seller agree on the tweet price, the NFT is transferred to the new owner. Each person is open to buy a tweet even when it hasn't been uploaded to the Valuables marketplace. This platform runs on the Ethereum blockchain, which helps keep the marketplace secure and records all transactions on a blockchain ledger.

Using a tweet as a digital asset is challenging since it can be deleted, retweeted, an image downloaded, or an individual takes a screenshot of it. However, valuable blockchain changes all that. Once a user signs a tweet and sells it, they consent for the tweet to be put on the blockchain. When the tweet is on the blockchain, it becomes permanent and immutable. It is only associated with one token and is owned by an individual at a time. It makes the tweet scarce and unique since it comes with an authenticity certificate. Twitter users collect their favorite tweets and sell them for some amount.

On Valuables websites, there are always highlights about:

  • A list of Bidders, Sellers, Collectors on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  • Activity portion that shows the latest Offers sold or minted and the greatest sell of all time.

Many people quickly join Valuables and benefit in the process. Unlike other artworks like painting, a tweet only needs to be expressed on the web. Individuals who are good at tweeting sell their tweets if they are rare and unique. Once the digital artwork offers a special certificate of authenticity from its creator, it validates the tweet making it unique. In the process, it becomes scarce and therefore rises its value. Images on Twitter replace ordinary tweets; they allocate specific NFTs enabling photographers to sell newsworthy photos. Using the platform, NFTs unlocks a new way to make money online that doesn't rely on constant content upload to generate clicks and advertising revenue. The platform solely depends on the Twitter community for users to benefit.

Though transactions on the blockchains are labeled in USD, the platform uses Ethereum cryptocurrency. The currency grants the Valuables network the user admin rights. Some digital contents may hold sentimental value in selling and buying, bringing the collector and creator closer. The platform brings Twitter fanatics closer while giving people the chance to earn in the process.

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