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Bitski is a Non-fungible Token (NFT) digital wallet used across Ethereum decentralized applications (dApps). It is unique and easy-to-use hardware, having a secure private key storage solution that uses a single sign-on (SSO) wallet functionality.

Bitski was initially built as a digital wallet for hard infrastructure. Users could store their NFTs there after buying them. The plan was to a get a willing partner to build a market place on top of their wallet, whose NFTs they would store. However, this was not the case so they formed a creator portal that is a simple and used to create, sell, and transfer NFTs. Their digital wallet is therefore used to store these NFTs on top of other roles.The digital wallet is the first to be built for mainstream adoption, saving users from using a browser extension, hardware wallets, and dAPP browsers for their collectibles and digital currencies. The San Francisco- based platform was founded in 2016 by CEO Donnie Dinch and co-founded by Julian Tescher and Steve Jang.

Users access their wallets from any application that supports Bitski. Bitski private keys are secured on an enterprise-grade which is tamper resistant and has Hardware Security Modules with multiple security layers. The wallet's authorization stack is based on the latest web service practices having OAuth2 and OpenID Connect. These practices have proved to be efficient in institutions like banks, and email providers, where they are commonly used.

Bitski provides a hosted wallet SDKs powering great experiences for blockchain-built applications.

Once a user has a Bitski account, they access their digital tokens from anywhere. They only need to log in to Bitski using a regular browser or mobile device and view all of the wallet's tokens. Bitski wallet also shows any collectible items which the user has earned across any games. Individuals can also send tokens and view the previous transactions made thanks to the wallet.

Individuals who own a Bitski account are safe from going through multiple wallets across multiple dApps or transfering tokens constantly between games. All dApps that support Bitski allow them to carry tokens between games. In a single sign-on, an individual earns in one game and sells those tokens in another game.

The wallet has three subscription plans for Developers and users, i.e., individual, team, and Company:

  • The individual plan is free and allows only one person to own an account on the Bitski wallet. Users conduct transactions of up to 100txns in a Month. Discord and Community support are at the user's disposal In case of any problems with the wallet.
  • The second Bitski plan is about a team, which allows three members only. In this plan, the team pays a monthly fee of $999, and the plan supports up to 1,000txn per Month. There is a 24 hours customer care support in case of any queries.
  • The final plan is Company also called Organisation. This plan requires a monthly subscription amount of $2,499. It has 10 App wallets and supports 25,000 transactions. In case of a concern, the users have 4 hours response time.

The creator portal is a simple marketplace where people sell their NFTs and using their digital wallets. Though many blockchains struggle with slow transactions, Bitski has a unique feature, Blockchain Transaction Operator that broadcast 1,000 different transactions at once, making the transactions processing extremely fast.

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