Digital Sculptures by Daniel Arsham

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July 31, 2021 – August 01, 2021






On July 31st, world-famous contemporary artist and sculptor Daniel Arsham returns to Nifty Gateway. This year in May, Daniel has staggered NFT Community with his 'Eroding and Reforming Bust of Rome' NFT Collection. It featured 10 digital sculptures that slowly evolve and erode over the year.

It’s high time Daniel astonished the NFT Universe again! The upcoming collection will also feature incredible sculptures inserted into incredible settings. One of the artworks will slowly erode as the nature around it evolve over the next 72.6 years! The number of years wasn’t chosen by chance. 72.6 years is the length of the average human lifespan on earth right now. The artwork will die on December 31st, 2093, and will be reborn as new the following day.

“Most of us won’t be around to witness this, but like any artwork, it is also for future generations” – says Daniel Arsham.

Another NFT piece (a limited edition of 150) will erode and reform over the course of one day - a Martian day. A Martian day is slightly longer than an earth day. This will create a unique scenario where the artwork will fall in and out of rhythm with our own earth days.

Mark your calendars for July 31st not to miss a new collection by Daniel Arsham!

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