Cursed Heroes NFT

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January 22, 2023 – January 29, 2023





Our NFT project is not like any other normal project. Our project is based on true story. A story derived from Ancient Times from the late 3rd Century. Total supply is 5,555.

We have created this collection to draw the attentions of heroes living in our world. We live in a fast judging world. We usually judge everyone by its appearance. We should also see the inside.

And the other reason of creating such a collection is that we want to show the power of ordinary people that are not so ordinary. I think they are powerful. Every ordinary people is a hero in some point of their life. That is what we underestimate. Sometimes, a simple person  is able to change our lives if we think about it. A simple person can bring revolution in the world. Our History gave us the best example. As we all know History repeats itself. 

Also our NFTs are not auto-generated. All of them have been made one by one manually.

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