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May 19, 2023 – May 26, 2023




Renowned artist Fran Rodriguez presents “Cryptonauts”, a collection of exclusive NFTs in his fifth curated drop on  

The Cryptonauts are explorers of the metaverse, citizens of the Cronos Chain. They have been everywhere, at all times. A group of quantum astronauts and brave explorers embarked on a mission to travel the metaverse. Their advanced quantum technology allowed them to access the deepest corners of the mind, and once inside, they found themselves in a world of endless possibilities.  

By collecting these exclusive Cryptonauts you will be eligible for several utilities such as exclusive airdrops and you can even win the chance to have the artist design a 1/1 totally customized for you, you will collaborate with Fran Rodriguez in the creative and design process of the piece and you can own a piece of artwork made exclusively for you. 

In the following drops the Cryptonaut universe will expand with more designs, landscapes and other characters, becoming the first saga of the artist on 

In this fifth drop, I want to reward the collectors who have helped me so far. I invite you to the exclusive channel on my Discord. If you hold any of my pieces, I will assign you the collector role and you will have access to exclusive content. 

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